COVID-19 Business Update

Hope everyone is safe and healthy. 

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we currently have some changes that we would like to share with you.

Currently, because of the recent meat scarcity which led to a steep price increase, it has been harder and harder for us to keep up with a reliable and,more importantly, safe source of meat. To reflect this, and in order to sustain our business, we will be implementing a small change in our jerky price. The 6.5 oz Large bag will be $16.00 now and the 4 oz Small bag will be $10.50.

On the same topic, in order to be keep our staff safety a priority while providing you with the best jerky, we have scaled down our operation. This meaning you jerky orders may take a bit longer (up to 1-2 weeks from your ordering date) to be shipped out. This allows us to give you the freshest jerky as possible without putting a weight on our business. We thank you for your patience as well as your support.

Lastly, our Jackson Street Store is open only on Friday & Saturday 2 - 7 PM due to the said impacts. Please call ahead to make sure we have them in stock for you. Otherwise, our priority right now is online orders as they are the safer way for us to provide beef jerky to you, and we suggest you grab them through our website.

Again thank you for your support to our family business. Hope everyone is safe and well.



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